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The below processes explain how to create a LaTeX (Transformable subset) document. You are guided to produce a master document which can then be used to produce:

Further information

The information on this page extends that on Creating LaTeX (Transformable subset) but is relevant specifically for those in role Lecturer.

Producing the format starting with an example

Two live examples have been provided and more will follow. Outputs from those currently available are at:

Links to the two PDF document outputs can be found within each live web document - see section Using this document.

Download and unzip an example:

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Open the main LaTeX file which is either:

and read the comments carefully.

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Edit the document to remove the main body and to add your own.

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Uncomment the line

%\togglefalse{clearprint}\togglefalse{web} and check that you can compile the document using the pdflatex command not the latex command. This document you can design to your satisfaction provided you only use a transformable subset of LaTeX.

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Once you have done this you should follow the steps in